Wayne Norman
Jimmy Jib Owner/Operator
I am forwarding this information for your consideration in the event you need a camera crane or Jib.  My Website offers details as to the capabilities of the Jimmy Jib with it's sophisticated hot head versus most other cranes and arms available in the market place.  For a direct link to these comparisons, please click here:  http://jimmyjibs.com/whentouseajib.htm


The Jimmy Jib is the economical alternative to expensive and less agile camera crane and hot-head systems.  The Jimmy Jib, with a great operator, can execute most crane shots that previously could only be achieved with more expensive and more man-power intensive camera cranes.  The Jimmy Jib sets up in a reasonable time, and then can be moved with limited effort  from one position to another.  When you want that shot, but the budget is prohibitive for more complex camera cranes, the Jimmy Jib offers the Director and Producer the production value that can only be achieved with a crane and hot head.  
You will find my website is loaded with information on the Jimmy Jib and it's various comparisons, as well as details on my past accomplishments.  

As a jib operator, I do more than work high and wide.  I am not afraid to use the longest element of a lens, and do a move!  My ability to create and develop interesting and exquisite shots is second to none. 
30 Foot Jib with Panavision F900 Camera with 9:1 Lens 

The Operator Makes the Difference

 I often do not require a rehearsal, and can execute the same shot over and over again so there is exceptional consistency.  I also can work the dolly of the Jib during a shot (subject to good to excellent floor conditions).  You have the added benefit of moving the camera in and around the set just like a dolly mounted camera.  

So often I have been brought in as a Jib Operator just to do the opening and close of a show.  By the time I leave the set, I end up working 80% to 100% of the shoot on the Jib, captivating producers with the wide variety of moves I can do.  Often I replace the dolly, adding crane moves, static shots, low angles, high angles, and other shots that can only be accomplished singularly with a Jib.  

My jib is specifically set up for full zoom and focus for Cine Video Cameras such as Alexa, Amira, Red, and most brands of Cine lenses. 
18 Foot Jimmy Jib on the beach, mounted on Wayne Norman's Western Dolly.  This was a commercial shoot using a Sony F900.  A western Dolly is the only practical way to move a Jib on the beach.  

Through the use of the AJA HD10C2 and my High Def LCD Monitor, my Jibs can handle HDSDI signals, as well as SDI, component and analog composite video.  No one is better equipped for all forms of HDTV than Wayne Norman.

One of the greatest features is that I offer a harness that delivers four channels of audio, paint box, HDSDI video, time code, audio return, genlock, analog Y Pr Pb Video, 12 volts of power, 24 volts of power (For Panavision Cameras), witness camera power,  witness camera video, external zoom power, zoom control for Cine and ENG Style lenses.


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