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"The List" is a short film shot exclusively using the Jimmy Jib.   The talented director had a very specific vision and allowed active shot selection input on my part.   The entire sequence was shot in 11 hours, including 45 minutes of load in, 1 hour set up of the jib and lighting of the set, 45 minutes of Jib breakdown, and 30 minutes to load out.   This allowed 8 hours to shoot a 5 minute short, including stunts.


These sequences of the short "Brightness" was shot primarily using the Jimmy Jib in Burbank and at El Mirage Dry Lake with winds exceeding 25 miles per hour.  These winds required myself and 2 grips to hold the arm in position while shooting the higher shots.  The Camera used was a Panavision Gold with 1,000 Foot Magazine and a 4:1 Lens mounted on a 30 foot arm.


Casals Music Festival

These sequences of the music special were shot in the Concert Hall and then selected segments on location in Puerto Rico.  Once again the wind was very strong and required special efforts to maintain usable shots. 


Roy Ashen Music Video

This Music Video was shot using a VHS recorder mounted on my 30 Jimmy Jib Arm.  About 90% of the shots were from the Jib.  The camera was on Auto Focus and Auto Iris.