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Triangle & JIMMY JIB III

RoboCam Operator
Hand-Held, Pedestal, & Dolly


I have 20 years of experience in all types of Productions including: sit-coms, episodic, reality, sports, corporate and infomercials. I work Non-Union, plus I am a member of IA 600, IBEW, and NABET.

Please call 818-558-3705 for more information.

I own and operate several Jimmy Jibs, all FULLY set up for film and video, plus the popular Dutch Head option. I shoot more film than any other Jib Operator. I do more than work high and wide and am not afraid to use the longest element of a lens. My ability to create and develop interesting and exquisite shots is second to none. I often do not require a rehearsal, and can execute the same shot over and over again so there is exceptional consistency. I also can work the dolly of the Jib during a shot (subject to good to excellent floor conditions). You have the added benefit of moving the camera in and around the set just like a dolly mounted camera. So often I have been brought in as a Jib operator just to do the opening and close of a show. By the time I leave the set, I end up working 80% to 100% of the shoot on the Jib, captivating producers with the wide variety of moves I can do. Often I replace the dolly, adding crane moves, static shots, low angles, high angles, and other shots that can only be accomplished singularly with a Jib.

I am fully proficient at all film camera operations in hand-held, dolly, Jib, Steadicam, and gear head applications. Because of my broad background, I do multiple tasks under the same production banner. I have no problem working hand-held one moment and then working jib, and then working dolly, all on one shoot.

As a camera operator, I have worked on almost every type of production, including: Live comedy, live drama, taped and filmed comedy, taped and filmed drama, documentaries, talk shows, sports, soap operas, sit-coms, high end industrials, internet broadcasts, infomercials commercials, music videos, department of defense, news, behind the scenes of movies and television shows, and much more.

I carefully follow the content of the production, adjusting my shot to fit the material. Most often, I have the shot the director needs before it’s called for. I always maintain a usable iso feed, so my shot is almost always good so in post-production my shot can be inserted at any time.

I come in with the right attitude and as the day gets long, I maintain the "let’s do it right," not the "let’s just do it" attitude. This guarantees you a high quality production that maintains the same look and feel throughout.

If you need more information, please call me at 818-558-3705 or you can email me at inforequest@jimmyjibs.com


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