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The Jimmy Jib is a unique production tool that extends it's capability to film, HDTV, NTSC and PAL professional Video Cameras and Prosumer Video Cameras.

What makes The Jimmy Jib singular in approach is that it offers a hothead cable of dynamic shots with excellent accuracy.  It can be controlled through the use of a joystick system or a gear head control system.  It is lightweight and very flexible, and capable of handling most cameras on the market today.

But unlike larger cranes and arms, the Jimmy Jib is lightweight enough to travel easily, yet robust enough to handle heavy film and HDTV Cameras.  It sets up relatively quickly and can be transported in the back of a Stake Bed truck for multiple locations.

Most Jib Owner/Operators require additional support equipment from the camera rental company to handle film and HDTV cameras, however, my Jibs are specifically set up for film, HDTV, and now Prosumer video cameras.  

What makes my Jib superior is that I use an HDTV LCD Monitor which gives me excellent resolution, so good in fact, I can focus all HDTV cameras without the need of a first assistant.


There are many variations of HDTV Cameras, but the most popular include the Sony F-900, The Panavision F-900, The Panasonic Varicam, the Panavision Genesis, and the Thomson Viper.  Other cameras are coming to the market, and as they begin to gain acceptance I will detail their application on the Jimmy Jib.

Red One

The Red One has revolutionized the market place by offering an affordable 4K HDTV camera that delivers beautiful pictures using Hard Drive or Flash memory as a storage technology.  It functions logistically as a film camera and features the ability to work with most film lenses. 

Like everything else there are limitations.  The camera uses non standard connectors for video and audio so special adapters have to be used.  Audio levels need to be adjusted through a menu, rather than using knobs on the exterior of the camera.  

To mount on the Jib requires special connectors for power, remote start/stop, and tally.  I have all of these connectors and a great deal of experience working with the camera. 

Sony F-900

Most Directors of Photography using the Sony F-900 tend to use ENG and EFP zoom lenses which hook up conveniently to the Jimmy Jib Lens Control System, allowing for fast and easy focus and zoom set ups..  For prime lenses, special focus motors mounted to a matte box rod and a Witness Camera are utilized for accurate focus control.  The Jimmy Jib is excellent for working with the Sony F-900 cameras, especially those with ENG and EFP lenses.  

Panavision F-900

From the Jib Operators point of view, The Panavision F-900 is a completely different camera than the Sony F-900.  Panavision incorporates their Digital Lens series, and while many feel they offer superb clarity and colorimetry, they are incredibly complex to incorporate on a Jimmy Jib or any other camera crane system.  Their dual 12 Volt and 24 Volt Systems add complexity and equipment that other cameras simply do not require.  Their Zoom systems are not interoperable with non-Panavision systems, and focus motor mounting must be done on the Matte Box Rods.  In addition the Panavision F-900 camera with a zoom lens weighs more than the Sony F-900 equivalent.  This adds counterweights and thus creates momentum control issues on long arms. 

Because I work on so many Sit-Coms that use the Panavision F-900 I have excellent knowledge of the camera's application on a Jimmy Jib, plus I have made up a special cable harness specifically designed for the Panavision F-900.  It delivers 4 channels of audio, paint box control, camera monitoring, 4 channels of audio return, genlock, time code, 12 Volts, 24 volts, witness camera video, Start/Stop/Review control, tally light, and Zoom and Focus Control. 

If you are shooting with the Panavision F-900 you should use a Jib Operator who is thoroughly familiar with the camera and it's systems, as they are complex, requiring a great deal of additional knowledge to set up and operate efficiently. 

Panasonic Varicam

The Panasonic Varicam is most often comparable to a professional video camera, except for one major issue, the output of the camera is only HDSDI.  This means that an HDSDI monitor or conversion system must be used for the Jib Operator to have an ability to monitor the output of the camera for executing shots.  The HDSDI monitors that typically mount on the Jib for the operator tend to be 9" Sonys, and their resolution is very poor.  It makes focus more difficult, and when shooting exteriors, the sun makes it difficult to see the monitor.

I have a special converter that takes the HDSDI signal and allows me to use my LCD monitor.  

Every Director of Photography I have worked with who has chosen the Varicam has also chosen to use an ENG or EFP zoom lens.  This allows quick and easy set up of the focus and zoom systems, plus, if they want to use the lens as a Prime, then I simply do not zoom, but at the same time, I can adjust the zoom to recreate another prime lens without having to change lenses and thus change the weight and balance of the arm and camera cradle, a time consuming task.

Panavision Genesis

The Panavision Genesis is a true HDTV camera for the Film Director of Photography.  This camera uses all of the accessories and systems of Panavision's film cameras, and it works and mounts on the Jib very much like a film camera.  It offers all of the benefits of a film camera, with a superior High Definition output.  It also only has an HDSDI signal out for camera monitoring, so an adapter or HDSDI monitor is required for the Jib Operator.

Thomson Viper

This camera is also another favorite of the Film oriented Directors of Photography.  It has some additional Jib Operator monitoring issues, but mounts easily on a Jib when certain options are included with the system.  All lenses are film oriented, so film focus and zoom controls are required for smooth Operation.



The Jimmy Jib was originally designed with these cameras in mind.  The lens zoom and focus systems are quickly installed and operation is smooth and transparent.  The weight if these cameras is excellent for longer arms and I offer special cable harnesses that deliver all camera functions for one-piece cameras such as Beta SP, Digibeta, IMX, Panasonic SDX-900, etc.  



Prosumer cameras such as the DVX-100, HVX-200, Canon XL-1, XL2, and XL H1, and the Sony Z1, are very challenging for all Jib Systems.  The cameras are extremely lightweight, and require additional weight for good center of gravity.  But where they are really deficient is in their zoom and focus controls.  By design the zoom and focus systems are built into the lens and do not offer external access for the connection of Jib systems.  Except for me, This requires Jib Operator to work the camera as if it had a prime lens, and count on auto focus to execute all shots.

I have specially modified my jibs to handle remote zoom and focus for the Sony, Canon, and Panasonic Prosumer Cameras, including the new HVX-200 and Canon XL H1.  This allows me have full zoom and focus control, for these increasingly popular cameras.  

Each of these cameras have little idiosyncrasies that must be reviewed before their application on a Jib.  The Canon High Def Camera only has an HDSDI output and thus requires a converter to monitor it's output without an HDSDI monitor.


Panasonic HVX-200

Panasonic DVX-100B

Canon XL H1

The Sony PVM EX3 is the newest Prosumer camera from Sony.  It has followed the Panasonic HVX-200 lead by adding Memory Card Recording.  But unlike the HVX-200 Sony chose to stick with their HDV recording codex, which results in a camera with a disappointing maximum bandwidth of 35 MB/s.  This standard is acceptable for broadcast television, but not recommended for Feature Film or Film Short Production.  I have the necessary accessories for full zoom, focus, and iris control.

Sony PVM EX3


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