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When renting a Jib the production company has two choices, either rent a Jib from an Owner/Operator or rent a jib from a rental company.  

Both will provide a great piece of equipment, however, what makes a Jib a phenomenal production tool  is not the equipment, it is the operator.  When you book a Jib through an Owner/Operator, you know exactly who you are getting.  When you book a Jib through a rental company, you can not be sure who you will get.  They may specify someone, however, that person may be able to find another assignment that pays better or has more days and they will quickly book out.  

An Owner Operator, on the other hand, receives a Jib rental fee In addition to getting paid for their operating services so they have a greater incentive to show up and operate.  Also, an Owner/Operator's primary job is as a Jib Operator, whereas a rental company uses freelancers whose work includes Jib Operation as well as other camera operations and job categories.

Jib  Owner/Operators tend to have many more working hours with a Jib, than those sent out with a rental unit.  They also are far more familiar with the equipment and know how to operate it in the most efficient manner. 


Reliability of the Operator

Reliability of the operator is one of the most important aspects of a Jib on a shoot.  When you book a Jib, especially over a period of several days, it is crucial; that you get the operator you expect.  Many Jib Operators book a shoot, and then either cancel out, often at the last moment, or send a replacement, many times one that is not of the same caliber as you had originally booked. 

When you rent a jib from a rental company, and you request a Jib Operator, chances are you are not going to get a Jib Operator that can deliver the exceptional, instead you get someone who will be able to provide simple, straight forward shots, with basic operating skills.


Skill Level of the Operator and their 
effect on Production Fluency

Most Jib Operators only have basic skills, especially those provided by a rental company.  This forces the Director to constantly monitor the Jib, and specifically detail each element of a shot, instead of depending on the Jib Operator to have the right shot at the right time, or to create a shot the Director was not aware the Jib could do.  Without constantly monitoring the Jib the Director is allowed to focus on the important elements of coordinating shots to present a seamless flow of photography that complements the subject matter.  The Director can spend more time watching and listening to the story and checking all of the cameras to make sure all are conveying the proper sentiment of the moment.

Most Jib operators, especially those that are from rental companies, are so focused on the technical task of operating the jib they have little or no presence of mind to follow the visual and aural clues being offered by the on-camera performer or subject matter.

If you find the Jib is too distracting because it requires constant direction and is not providing the strong content you were lead to believe the Jib could do, then consider hiring a fully qualified Jib Owner/Operator, and instead of battling with the Jib, enjoy it's incredible fluidity.

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